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Technology constantly reinvents itself. Innovations such as augmented reality give you a completely new way to engage your audience and position you as leaders in your industry.

We’re all about changing the game. Developing new, exciting and intuitive ways to communicate. From augmented reality to 360 filming, we bring immersive technology to reality.


Rocket continually come to us with new innovations

Mark Boulton, Marketing Director



We immerse ourselves in technologies such as Oculus Rift, Unreal Engine 4, D3 Technologies and Google Cardboard. Developing dynamic, experiential environments with real word applications from interactive marketing materials to practical engineers tools.


Rocket enable us to explain technology in ways only digital media can do

Simon Vincent
Audible Fidelity

Augmented reality | Virtual reality | Sphericam | Occulus Rift | HTC Vive | CGI | Mobile apps | QR triggers | 360 degree filming | Interactive media

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Business ERP providers Access Group

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Leaders in managing self-service financial kiosks

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