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We are Rocket, brand engagement is what we do.

We create and deliver engaging, illuminating, digital media, marketing communications, live events and experiences that inspire people to connect with brands from all over the world.

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Integrated, creative, intelligent communications

Video Production

Rocket's video production team have produced feature films, TV commercials, broadcasted live events and created high impact video for companies all over the globe.

Whether in our studios or on location, we offer an experienced, efficient and proven creative solution for developing engaging multi platform content that captures both hearts and minds.

Event Production

Whether it's a large global corporate event or a bespoke exhibition stand, we work hard to create experiences that genuinely astound and inspire.

Producing, managing and collaborating with the best in the business, we integrate dynamic content with the latest in audio visual and immersive technologies to create unique, memorable events that build genuine rapport and get your message across, loud and clear.


Rocket delivers over 15 years of experience in creating 2D and 3D content. From animated corporate films and unique character development, to jaw dropping computer generated environments and prototype visualisations, we can literally demonstrate, explain and bring to life anything from the most simple and sublime of procedures to the most complex and dynamic products.

Which means your audience can buckle up and enjoy an insightful thrill ride into dynamic content that brings to life your ideas, services, products and communications in the most dynamic and beautiful way possible.

Digital Innovation

Its a fast moving world, thats why we're all about changing the game and developing new, exciting and intuitive ways to communicate. From powerful mobile applications using augmented and virtual reality to 360 degree video.

We create truly innovative and immersive solutions, so our customers gain that early adopter advantage and deliver exciting leading edge communications that demand attention and engage with audiences like never before.

Marketing & Design

Great marketing is not just about creativity and bright ideas, (although we have lots of them), it's about delivering effective messages and tools that communicate clearly what it is that you want to do, say or offer.

That's why, no matter whether it's a complex, integrated multi-platform campaign, or the promotion of a corporate video, we equally blend marketing expertise with practical production experience to create authentic and effective on brand communications that not only get you exceptional results, but that get delivered on time, and on budget too.

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