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Leading non-bank ATM operator

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According to a 2015 survey, Britain prefers cash over card for purchases below £17, accounting for half of high street retailers turnover and £36Bn of annual high street economy.

Our client is the world leader in managing self-service financial kiosks. Operating a portfolio of more than 14,500 ATM machines in the UK and Ireland under the ‘Bank Machine’ and ‘Cashzone’ brands, these ATMS carried out over 459,000,000 transactions and dispensed over £14Bn through independent stores in 2014.

Also providing an ATM installation, maintenance service and an armored carrier service, they operate under the mantra of enabling financial convenience in a fast-paced world.

With a robust processing and service platform in place, international operating experience and a strong financial position, our client continues to grow and expand their offering throughout the UK and worldwide.


'For me, they're kind on an extension to my team'.

Filming what can’t be filmed

The Head of Marketing came to Rocket with an unusual requirement. To produce a recruitment video that portrayed the culture of the people and business and gave a sense of what it’s like to work for the company.

In addition, they needed a way to communicate important company messages to staff spread across the UK including high security drivers with no access to email or mobile phone.

Rocket proposed interviewing key people in a relaxed, casual environment, asking pertinent questions to coax out the golden nuggets of information that would bring life to the video. Rocket could then bring in an experienced team of actors – brief, manage and direct them to achieve a convincing result.

Conscious of the fact that they were dealing with real people’s feelings and that the end result needed to be believable, Rocket produced a script based on these interviews, keeping true to what had originally been said as much as possible.


'If there's a job that's going to require a little bit extra, they'll always give me that'

Minimising disruption

Knowing that business doesn’t stop for a video to be made, Rocket bring the studio and everyone involved to their UK headquarters in Hatfield, making the process as fast and pain free as possible. To provide even more flexibility, Rocket work around director’s meetings and when necessary operate over weekends to minimise disruption.

‘The guys always bend over backwards to support us and enable us to hit tight schedules and within budget’


The results so far

Partnering with Rocket has been fruitful for a number of years. Distributing media across their workforce for career experience, reviews of the year and sharing company values has enabled our client to continue its planned growth strategies whilst retaining their valued relationships with staff and their experience. Their Marketing Manager comments, ‘We’ve grown massively this year, one of the ways we attract new talent is online and video has been an amazing support for the HR team’.

With expansion high on the agenda, experience and continuity will be a key element in our client’s plans for growth. Rockets understanding of key values and culture mean staff engagement remains high, employee turnover low and new employees onboard quickly. ‘For me, they’re kind on an extension to my team’.

ATM machines in the UK and Ireland
transactions carried out every second
billion GBP dispensed in 2014
million transactions in 2014

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