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Explaining your business and why people should consider your solutions can be complex. Animation gives you the platform to simplify your story, break down the key stages and focus on the benefits quickly and easily.

We bring animations to life, from flying through computer generated environments, to popping up 3D buildings, positioning digital assets to visualising prototypes, Rocket make the impossible, possible.


2D & 3D | Motion graphics | Infographics | Visual FX | Product visualisation | Kinetic typography


Rocket give us compelling media to tell our story

Christine Brander, Director

RBT247 Ltd



With animation you can continually ask what if? What if you could see through walls, watch a tree grow, follow a jellyfish to the bottom of the sea. With Rocket you can find out


Animation was the perfect way to get infographics across in a digital medium

Dan Whiteside, Marketing Manager

Case Study

Leaders in managing self-service financial kiosks

Case Study

Business ERP providers Access Group

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